Our Blog

I am so excited about blogging!  I will be sharing stories about Sita and my life with all of you and am interested to also hear from you.

I want to tell you some funny stories first.  Recently Sita and I went to a local cafe called 1320.  we are there a lot and they sell Sita's books there.  I was paying at the cash  register and felt Sita pull on her leash.  I looked down and burst out laughing.  Sita is taught to pick up things I drop.  The receipt from the cash register had overflowed and went all the way down to the floor.  She had picked up the end of it (after all Mom -it was on the floor).  She was holding it in her mouth proudly.  The person taking my cash also burst out laughing and Sita was sooo serious about doing her job.  What a dog!

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